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In the early twentieth century, Giuseppe Ravazzolo developed an interest in the art of tailoring, and with his mother’s support, he set up a small workshop for making all manner of garments.

As the years passed, both the family and the company grew. In the late 1950s, Giuseppe passed the helm to his sons: first Giancarlo, then Silvano.

Both of them give the business, created by the father, a more modern and industrial imprint.

Management becomes more solid and structured, with a stable and balanced organization.

This process of evolution remarkably transformed the company in terms of size, organization, staff and distribution, while the product became increasingly prestigious, carving itself out a niche in the high-end market.

The constant search for perfection, combined with the solidity and values that make Ravazzolo an outstanding force in high-end men’s tailoring.

Artisans of Italian tailoring

In the early twentieth century, Giuseppe Ravazzolo developed an interest in the art of tailoring


Vicenza, known to the world as the city of the famous architect Andrea Palladio, reflects itself in the harmony of its villas and palaces whose style is famous all over the world and has become a symbol of elegance and sobriety. The tailoring tradition of Ravazzolo has its roots in this territory of great artistic and historical value. The architectural elements blend with the landscape and recall a balanced philosophy of life, carried out by men with intuition and a past rich in traditions, who were able to enhance the territory also through their works.

This same philosophy has given life to the art of making suits and jackets, revealing a passion, which, for Ravazzolo, comes from an almost century-old tradition, passed down from father to son.

The Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

"Quality is satisfying the customer's needs
and exceed his own expectations
continuing to improve. "

The tailoring craft from generation to generation

The future of a Company is also based on the new generations, as a necessary step for its continuation. In the Ravazzolo Family, for over 6 generations, the passion and the tailoring tradition are still deep-rooted in the Family, to continue on producing garments that are the highest expression of the Italian Tailoring Fashion.


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