Resource renewal is at the heart of an eco-sustainable society. An eco-sustainable world can transform in a cyclical manner, and this ability must be defended in order not to further compromise the delicate balance of the earth.

Ravazzolo wants to be an ambassador for this struggle and in each collection presents a large section dedicated to fabrics derived exclusively from organic fibers, wool, linen, cotton and silk identified by a “Respecting Environment” label.


Slow Fashion

Our production is far removed from the logic of so-called “fast-fashion.” Each garment is produced by adhering to very high standards of quality and excellence and is intended to last over time, both in terms of internal construction and the quality of the materials used. This is also why we are eco-sustainable.

We respect the environment

Our production process has virtually zero environmental impact. In fact, thanks to the use of all the technologies that the market makes available, CO2 emissions are reduced to zero because the Company relies on clean, self-produced energy through a 250 kw photovoltaic system and a heat pump system for heating and cooling all Company premises. This is also why we are eco-sustainable.



We strongly believe in the concept of circular economy and do not overproduce.

All of our production waste is recycled by special Companies that recycle scraps from drapery fabric processing. This is also why we are eco-sustainable.