Ravazzolo – Artigiani dell'industria sartoriale

Artisans of Italian tailoring

Your Ravazzolo suit

Follows your shapes, indulges who you are, and enhances the man in you.
With the Ravazzolo Made To Measure you can make your suit more personal than ever.
Abrics, buttons, buttonholes, linings follow your desires, the tastes of what are you made of, the dreams that you have.

Ravazzolo suit has a unique style
a long-lasting consistency
and the ability to adapt to the owner of the wearer.

How it works

Book an appointment to take part in the realization of your Made to Measure garment. Follow your instinct, your taste, be guided by experienced tailors and welcome in a comfortable and prestigious location. Together we will create something unique.

More than 1.000 colours of selected fabrics; valuable buttons of mother of pearl, horn, corozo or metal; almost 200 kind of linings in jacquard or silk among which you can choose, are interwoven among refined matches of weft and warp. The inspiration and the good taste are everything and they distinguish you from the others.

The art of choosing

Details that inspire

Among all the hand processes the most required there are the handmade buttonholes, the tailoring collar sewed by a cross-stitch, handmade stitching on the lapel, stitching, loop for flower under the buttonhole, on the backside of the lapel. All these details are synonyms of elegance, tailoring craft and are recognizable as such by the most attentive appreciators of the modern Tailoring, business men who are able to appreciate and have the need to dress a bespoke suit.

Book an appointment

Tailor-made for you

Book an appointment

Tailor-made for you

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