Ravazzolo – Artigiani dell'industria sartoriale

Artisans of Italian tailoring

Ravazzolo's Icon

Our new icon is inspired by the origins of our Family, operating for 6 generations in men's tailored clothing, and in particular, by the reinterpretation of an eighteenth-century coat-of-arms that has been in our family for over 200 years. We have chosen to add some details to this coat-of-arms: two crossed and superimposed needles, an emblem of craftsmanship and passion in the world of tailoring, crossed and superimposed on a shield symbolizing strength and trust. Finally, on the shield and on the crossed needles a button was placed with the letter R , the initial of the Family surname Ravazzolo, and on its top a stylized crown inspired by the historic Family coat-of-arms.

The union of these elements "sewn together" with tradition, art and tailoring has given life to this new symbol with which Ravazzolo wants to identify its products to symbolize the history of 200 years of Venetian tailoring.

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