Ravazzolo – Artigiani dell'industria sartoriale

Artisans of Italian tailoring

Italian Tailoring

Nothing is left to chance in the creative process of making a suit.

All the phases involve manual processes to be performed with the utmost care and attention: use of machinery is minimum and the management of the garment making process follows precise guidelines.

A good tailor has sure hands: they are his primary work tools, like the needle, pins, chalk, thread, scissors, measuring tape and a careful eye for detail.

Passion alone is not enough: the tailor must be properly trained in garment making techniques.

Timeless Style

The Venetian school of tailoring

The Venetian school of tailoring differs from others by strictly following the principles and canons of perfection in garment making, meaning quality, dimensions and fit last unaltered. The result is the fruit of decades of evolution: timeless garments, classic pieces that convey prestige and class.

An iconic style

The customer for whom Ravazzolo caters in making suits is a powerful man who can appreciate the overall added value of a garment, as well as the elegance and comfort that sets it apart.  
Ravazzolo testifies the Italian style in the world: an iconic and timeless style.

High quality and trend

The selection of Fabrics

The making of each garment begins with the selection of the right fabric, taking shape through a process that partially breaks away from an industrial logic in terms of time, since high quality requires patience and control.

Each new fabric, while declared as ready to be sewn, is nonetheless checked, steamed and sponged to make it withstand the stresses caused by the different weather conditions around the globe.

This means that the collections are carefully evaluated and decided upon almost two years in advance, predicting what the future colour trends will be.

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